Part 5

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Illustrated proposal for a guideline on the commercial collection of the medicinal plant

 Harpagophytum procumbens from the environment

(GHP / GcoIP, Good Harvesting/Collecting Practice for Medecinal Plant-Material)



Nets suitable for drying sliced root tubers of Harpagophytum in eastern Namibia

(Credits: B.Hachfeld,Kln)




Drying net in use in the North-West Province, South Africa

(Credit: G.Olivier)




Quality assurance during peparation of the fresh plant material


Drying process influences the colour of the dried slices of the root tubers. The bright coloured slices are suitable for herbal tea preparation, the dark coloured ones only for extraction. The colour even influences the quality of the final product as shown in this figure. Changes in colour will result in claims of customers because of inhomogenity in one batch to the other, a non-conformity with GMP.


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Last modified: Januarie 28, 2003