Part 6

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Illustrated proposal for a guideline on the commercial collection of the medicinal plant

 Harpagophytum procumbens from the environment

(GHP / GcoIP, Good Harvesting/Collecting Practice for Medecinal Plant-Material)


Packaging & Storage


Collectors from a community in South Africa with their harvest in dried root slices of Harpagophytum packed in clean bags.

(Credit: G.Olivier, South Africa)


Selecting and weighing the

material brought by collectors

in Namibia (Credit: Kraft,Dorbabis,Namibia)



Sifting and cleaning of dried

sliced root tubers of

Harpagophytum in Namibia

(Credit: Krafft,Dorbabis,Namibia)

Packed root slices of

Harpago phytum in a clean

storage room ready for




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Last modified: Januarie 28, 2003